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In Alvor there are a number of holiday complexes from which the tourists enjoy visiting the area and its attractions. Alvor village is well located facing a natural lagoon opening onto the sea. There is a choice of a long open sandy beach or a number of small coves tucked under the cliffs.

Alvor is an ancient coastal village that is now a very popular holiday location, the enclosed narrow streets ensure development is kept to a minimum. Most streets now boast bars with live music and different types of restaurants, however leading off from these there are still traces of the older fishing village. Alvor retains much of the charm of a picturesque fishing village, with streets of white houses and colorful boats making it one of the most picturesque places on the Algarve.

The original 16th Century Parish Church in Alvor was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755 and still has a prime example in its main doorway of the great craftsmanship of the Manueline era of architecture. It was the only building that more or less survived from the earthquake.

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A Family Friendly Resort, Alvor is situated in Algarve Portugal.
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History of Alvor

The Carthaginians were the founders of Alvor, and the history of Alvor is very interesting.Romans had given it the name of Ipses, back then it was considered an important port and allowed to issue its own money. Its long history of Alvor is clear from the discovery on Vila Velha hill (overlooking the Ria de Alvor) of a Neolithic village retaining traces of subsequent Roman occupation.

The Portuguese army whos leader was King Sancho 1 first conquered Alvor in 1189, with the help of Crusades en route to the Holy Land.It was retaken by the Moors (During the period of Moorish rule, Alvor was a thriving port) in 1191,eventually it returned to Christian dominion in 1250, at the time of the campaigns that resulted in the conquering of Alvor and the Algarve as a whole.

During the time of the Moors (who first ruled the Alvor area in 716) they renamed Alvor "Albur" and the village passed through both the Portuguese and Moors hands a few times until 1250 when the Christians conquered it for the last time. The town walls of Alvor were rebuilt in 1300 and Alvor was made a town by King João II, who died there in 1495. It shared in the prosperity of the 15th and 16th centuries but most of the original village and its castle was destroyed in the earthquakes of 1532 and 1755.

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